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Topcoat is the first non-toxic nail salon in Baltimore designed with our clients and employees’ wellbeing in mind. We uniquely incorporate non-toxic products with manicure & pedicure services infused with aromatherapy and CBD to create a healthy and lasting nail care ritual. 
Topcoat is a non-toxic nail salon prioritizing the wellbeing of our employees and clients.
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From the Owners: 
We’re a group of siblings combining our experience growing up and working in nail salons with our backgrounds in tech, marketing, design and product.  We grew up in the nail salon industry, so we know the ins and outs. We’ve seen the shortcomings in health, safety and sanitation practices. After graduating from college, we developed careers building startups, social enterprises and honing our expertise in wellness, branding and product. We’re incorporating over two decades of experience in nail salons, wellness, product and marketing to design Topcoat.  We’re ready to reimagine the nail care ritual and bring a truly unique experience to the greater Baltimore community.
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