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The Buy Local Navigator helps you find small businesses in Baltimore based on their products, neighborhood, ownership, and more
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There are hundreds of Businesses in Baltimore waiting to be discovered! Use the categories listed to explore specific types of products or services, or click the button below to explore all businesses on the Navigator.
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Shopping Local has never been more important, but it's not always easy to find local businesses with the products you are looking for. Use the Business Navigator to find the local Baltimore business that have what you need
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There are dozens of Organizations in Baltimore dedicated to supporting local businesses - find them and show them the support that they deserve for helping keep Baltimore's businesses alive
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Buy Local Baltimore is a community-driven effort, and we want to make sure everyone is included! Anyone operating a small business or local business support organization in Baltimore can add themselves to the platform
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Small Businesses employ 40% of the entire US Workforce, so supporting them means supporting our entire country
If you spend $100 locally, 70% of that stays in the local economy. If you spend $100 at a national corporation, less than 40% is retained in your community
Shopping local is better for the environment, since individual products don't need to be shipped across the state, country, or even world

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With so much diversity, founders come from many different walks of life like female founders, vert founders, students founders, and founders of color
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Plus all the many different stages that a business travels through such as idea, early, growth, and mature
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See what more established ventures like growth startups, small businesses & non profits have to offer

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