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Mclain Wiesand

Baltimore, Maryland based McLain Wiesand compare their work to that of the great artisans and ateliers of the 18 and 19th Centuries. During that period, a select group of patrons with time, resources, and taste relied on a small community of artisans for the finest and most unique objects. Our multitalented team of craftsmen are adept in many areas of the industry: ranging from designing, building, stained and painted finishes, murals, sculpture, and mixed media. These skills can be applied to either wood or metal furnishings. The "fine art" approach we employ allows us to take on any variety of projects, no matter how complex or challenging.
McLain Wiesand brings an artist's eye, a scholar's curiosity, and a collector's fervor to the tradition of creating decorative furnishings. Let us create a piece of history for you.
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