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Magan Ruthke: Art & Design

Folk art and patterns, history, the environment, and landscapes make up the wide breadth of Magan's work. She loves her painting to educate and have meaning, but will also stop to illustrate beauty for beauty's sake.    Magan has been a long time resident of Baltimore City, Maryland, where she spent 15 years with the Children’s Museum in Baltimore as an educator, artist, manager, and director. She has since become a Master Naturalist, professional artist, and Reggio-Emelia based environmental educator at World House Community Supported Education. Her work as a teacher, studies as a naturalist, and current events inform her work often. Magan is currently the Site Manager of the Remington Village Green Community Garden. ​ Magan holds a M.S. and B.S. from Towson University where she studied theatre arts and human resource development. Most recently, her work has been seen at the Circle Gallery in Annapolis, MD, the Studios of Key West, FL, the John James Audubon Center in Audubon, PA, the Annapolis Maritime Museum in Annapolis, MD, Atomic Books in Baltimore, MD, the Lemonade Stand Gallery, in Key West, FL, the Saville Gallery in Cumberland, MD, in private homes across the U.S., and on the cover of the Baltimore Review. 
Magan Ruthke: Art & Design is a mini-boutique. A place where all of my interests come together to be shared, with the endangered key deer as my mascot and most endearing subject.
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