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KiKi’s Cuisine is a family-owned business based in Baltimore Maryland. In 2005, Lakisha started baking homemade navy bean pies in the kitchen of her basement apartment. She wanted to give her family alternative, healthy snack options. They enjoyed it so much that she started to share with close friends and family. They encouraged her to sell pies during the holidays. As the years went on, she received more and more orders until she outgrew her kitchen and in 2019, KiKi’s Cuisine was born. KiKi's Cuisine bakes all of our pies from scratch, using only the finest ingredients, the primary one being LOVE! We are licensed and insured in the State of Maryland to manufacture and distribute our gourmet pies. We are also Serv-Safe certified so every pie is produced with your health and well-being in mind.
Home of the best bean pie in Baltimore. Treat yourself to a taste of heaven. Wholesale options available.
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January 8th, 2020
It was one of the most helpful resources for my venture. Too bad this is a generic test comment - if you want to see the real ones from local entrepreneurs, make a profile!
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