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Fed Hill Photography

I’m a professional photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland and a proud member of the [Professional Photographers of America (PPA)]( My areas of focus are: - [Commercial Photography]( My goal is telling unforgettable stories with highly engaging images. These stories connect my clients with their community of leads and clients. My images are unique and memorable, setting my clients high above the deluge of over processed cell phone images that inundate us daily. I have deep experience defining and executing projects that deliver on time and budget. My specialties within commercial photography are: 1. [Headshot photography]( 2. [Event photography]( 3. [Graduation photography]( 4. [Product photography]( 5. [Photo editing and photo retouching]( I’m always open to considering new challenges. Please [request a free quote here]( - [Fine Art Photography]( My goal is to provide fine art prints for office and home decor. I’m fascinated by the process of creation, and my fine art photography strives to capture the creative forces at work and the result. Some forces, like natural selection, are random. Others, like force of will, are deliberate. I admire the beauty of a flower, but I’m also fascinated by the evolutionary influences that produced its shape and color. I admire the architectural beauty of a building, but I’m also fascinated by the building’s design as an expression of the architect. Although my work has a level of perceived solidity and rest, each object I photograph is undergoing continuous change. Please [see my fine art photography gallery]( for more.
Commercial photography, fine art photography, and photo editing and retouching services.
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January 8th, 2020
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